As part of your application for a student visa (subclass 500), you will need to provide a personal statement, in English, that addresses the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement.

This statement must be submitted with your visa application and should explain that:

  • You are genuinely coming to Australia to study and not for any other reason.
  • You will only be residing in Australia for the time allowed on your visa (and not overstaying).

The GTE requirement relates to your student visa application. Depending on your studies, you may also be eligible for a post-study work rights visa (subclass 485). If, after studying in Australia, you have developed the skills Australia needs, you may also be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Change to GTE statement word limit

In November 2022, the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs has changed the GTE statement word limit to 300 words (with a 2000-character limit).

What evidence and information to include

You will need to attach documents to your Immi Account that support your GTE statement.

We encourage you to provide as much evidence as possible, covering:

  • Previous study: Include academic transcripts and certificates, and the details of your education providers.
  • Study gaps: Explain any gaps between studies or unfinished courses.
  • Employment: Outline the details of your previous or current job, including company address, dates of employment, your role and contact details of your employer.
  • Employment income: Provide proof of income 12 months before lodging the application, such as tax returns or bank statements.
  • Potential future employment: Note any job offers for employment after course completion, including salary and other expected benefits.
  • Financial, family or social ties: Outline the reasons why you want to return home after your time in Australia.

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