Student Screening

Sajilo Visa Education Consultancy’s Student Assistance Team is a highly experienced agency specializing in conducting comprehensive background checks to determine the eligibility of students for enrollment. Renowned universities, colleges, and education providers trust us for our meticulous and tailored screening process, which is unparalleled in the Nepalese Prospective student market.

Our primary objective is to provide additional support to students facing academic or behavioral challenges that hinder their ability to fully benefit from general education. Whether a student is struggling below expectations or surpassing them, our team is here to offer targeted interventions and assistance.

To ensure that students receive the educational support they require, we rely on various sources of information. This includes universal screening, recommendations from parents, staff members, and other relevant individuals, as well as any data accessible to public agencies. These inputs enable us to identify students who would benefit from additional learning support.

At Sajilo Visa Education Consultancy, we conduct thorough background checks covering a wide range of factors such as academic performance, financial status, study gap analysis, career progression, immigration history, and most importantly, the genuine intention to pursue further education. Our dedicated counselors work closely with students throughout the screening process, ensuring that their academic and financial potential is accurately evaluated.

To facilitate the assessment process, we provide students with a user-friendly online link. By visiting our website and filling in their information, students can easily initiate the screening process. Should they encounter any difficulties while filling out the form, we encourage them to reach out to us for immediate assistance.

Contact us today to experience our secure, reliable, and tailored screening procedure, designed to meet the unique needs of Nepalese students.

          University Application Assistance

Students today face significant academic stress due to a lack of support and information. Recognizing this challenge, Sajilo Visa Education Consultancy offers an invaluable resource: an application assistance team dedicated to helping students navigate the university admission process.

The university application assistance team at Sajilo Visa Education Consultancy is committed to guiding students in choosing the appropriate degree level and directing them to the correct application forms. This support becomes especially crucial for students who may be uncertain about their desired field of study. From the beginning of the enrollment journey to the final confirmation of enrollment, our team provides comprehensive assistance, including help with completing forms, obtaining offer letters, and managing the entire admission process.

What sets our application assistance team apart is that we offer all these services without charging any fees. We understand the importance of timely action in overcoming any complications that may arise during the admission process. As a liaison body, our team maintains regular communication with both universities and students to ensure smooth progress and address any concerns promptly.

If you prefer a more convenient way to reach out to us, we have also provided an online enquiry form on our website. Feel free to use this form to gather more information about universities and courses, easing any apprehensions you may have.

Rest assured, Sajilo Visa Education Consultancy is dedicated to supporting students in their pursuit of higher education, alleviating their academic stress, and ensuring a successful and fulfilling university admission experience.

               Documentation Guidance

The Document Department at The Sajilo Visa is dedicated to providing invaluable guidance and support to students in preparing their essential documents for various purposes, such as admission, enrollment confirmation, and Visa Applications. We understand the intricate legal and practical rules and procedures involved, ensuring that students are well-prepared and comply with all necessary requirements.

One of the challenges faced by Nepalese students aspiring to study in Australia is the complexity of document preparation for an Australian visa. As an official document type visa, it requires meticulous attention to detail and a strong qualification of documents. To alleviate this burden, Sajilo Visa Education Consultancy offers its expertise in guiding students through the process of document preparation, making sure their submissions are robust and meet the required standards.

We provide a comprehensive checklist of all the paperwork needed for studying abroad, allowing students to have a clear understanding of the documentation requirements. Moreover, we offer valuable insights into the specific documents required for studying abroad, enabling students to explore and gain further knowledge in this area.

At The Sajilo Visa, we strive to eliminate the worries and anxieties associated with the daunting task of “doing it themselves” when it comes to visa lodgment. Our experienced team acts as a supportive hand, providing paralegal suggestions and assistance in preparing the necessary paperwork for visa applications. We understand the importance of a well-prepared and organized application, and we are dedicated to helping students navigate through this process smoothly.

           Interview Assistance

Many universities require students to participate in online interviews as part of their application process. These interviews serve as an opportunity for students to showcase their potential and suitability for studying at the institution. However, interviews can be intimidating, and that’s where The Sajilo Visa Team comes in. Our team specializes in assisting students in preparing for behavioral interview questions and crafting effective answers that highlight their strengths and qualifications.

Our guidance not only enhances students’ chances of securing a place at their desired institution but also helps them manage their nerves before facing the admission team. We understand the importance of thorough preparation, especially when it comes to student visa interviews conducted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

To ensure a successful student visa behavioral interview, we recommend following several guidelines. First, punctuality is crucial. Arrive a little early to the interview, allowing yourself time to relax and compose yourself before the discussion begins. Additionally, it’s essential to greet the interviewers warmly, creating a favorable impression right from the start.

Dressing comfortably is also important. Choose an outfit that not only makes you look professional but also makes you feel confident. Remember, simplicity is key, and there’s no need to overdo it with excessive accessories or flamboyant attire.

When attending the interview, it’s crucial to bring all the necessary documentation to support your student visa application. This includes original bank statements, proof of qualifications, and any other relevant paperwork. Double-check everything beforehand to ensure you have all the required documents.

During the interview, honesty is paramount. Provide sincere responses that align with your supporting evidence. Your answers should be thorough, clear, and accurate at all times.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding behavioral interview questions and answers, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Scholarship Assistance

The Scholarship Assistance Program is dedicated to providing valuable information and guidance to students seeking private/outside scholarships. Our primary goal is to inform students about the application process and help them choose the most suitable scholarships offered by various universities. We pride ourselves on offering updated information about universities and their scholarship programs. From the initial phase of scholarship research to the final step of mailing the application, we assist students at every stage.

At “Sajilo Visa Education Consultancy,” our skilled counselors are committed to helping deserving students with outstanding academic records apply for university scholarships. We have established partnerships with universities that are constantly seeking academically talented individuals and offering generous scholarship opportunities.

In recent times, the Australian government has introduced numerous scholarships for both international and national students, and we keep students well-informed about these opportunities.

Here’s what we offer:

Scholarship Search: We help you find scholarships that align with your academic interests and financial situation.

Exclusive University Programs: We inform you about university programs that offer scholarships exclusively to qualified candidates.

Comprehensive Scholarship Information: We provide up-to-date details about national and international scholarships available.

Scholarship Application Assistance: We submit your scholarship applications to the academic institutions we partner with.

For any inquiries about how we assist students in receiving scholarships or our collaborations, feel free to contact us at (4010522, 4010523) or send an email to ……………Our dedicated scholarship assistance team is available to answer all your questions regarding “scholarships for students in college.”

Additionally, we also provide assistance with visa processes for studying in the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. We offer support in obtaining student visas for these countries.

Our services encompass various aspects:

  • Study in Australia Scholarships
  • Study in Canada Scholarships

We provide comprehensive support, including study abroad FAQs, informative blogs, and testimonies from previous students. We also offer guidance for interview preparation and assistance with resume building.

For more details, please visit our website, where you can find information about universities, scholarships, and more.

In conclusion, our Scholarship Assistance Program is committed to helping students navigate the complex world of scholarships by providing relevant information, personalized guidance, and facilitating the application process.


Sajilo Visa Education Consultancy offers a crucial service in the form of career counseling. With a collective experience ranging from three to ten and a half years, our counselors attentively listen to your aspirations and guide you towards envisioning your future. You are invited to visit us and experience the transformative impact we can have on your life. Our team of experts is readily available to provide assistance, allowing you to embrace your authentic self and navigate the various paths that life presents.

         Pre-Departure Briefing

Sajilo Visa provides a comprehensive Pre-departure Briefing checklist specifically designed for international students who have received their visa approval from the Australian High Commission. This briefing serves as a valuable guide to assist students in their initial stages of preparing for their academic journey. It covers a wide range of essential topics such as academic life, accommodation options, cost of living considerations, and much more. The main objective is to provide students with the necessary information and support they need to confidently take their first steps towards studying abroad. This pre-departure guide not only offers valuable advice on immigration procedures, fees, and financial requirements but also provides guidance on how to prepare for the upcoming journey, navigate the process of arrival in the destination country, and settle into their new academic and social environment. For further details and a more in-depth understanding, please visit Sajilo Visa website.

      About Visa – Launch Process

Visa lodgement can be a complex and confusing process, often characterized by frequent changes and the potential for inaccuracies. Making mistakes or submitting incomplete or incorrect visa applications can result in delays or even unsuccessful outcomes. These errors can be both painful and costly, as visa application fees are typically non-refundable, and the Department of Immigration does not accept responsibility for any mistakes made by applicants. Therefore, at Sajilo Visa, we take visa applications very seriously and strive to ensure a perfect and error-free visa lodgement process.

If you are planning to study abroad, you can apply for a student visa once you have received an admission letter from your chosen university and have made arrangements for your financial support during your studies. However, obtaining a student visa can be challenging due to the extensive paperwork involved. Moreover, each country has its own unique set of criteria and immigration rules that must be followed. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of the country where you intend to study.

By preparing in advance and having a comprehensive understanding of the study visa application procedure, you can approach the process with confidence, knowing that it will be completed successfully. Our team of Location Based Counselors consists of experts who will guide you at every step of the visa lodgement process, from completing the visa application forms to gathering the necessary documents and submitting them within the designated timeframe.

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